Sharks in Suits Algorave

Sophia is a member of the live coding group Sharks in Suits, which performed in a live-streamed algorave on December 10th, 2020. Live coding is the act of programming algorithms in real-time to manipulate an ongoing process, like music and visuals. An algorave is a performance of live coding, often including a collection of performers organized in a line-up, similar in structure to a more traditional live concert.

In this performance, Sharks in Suits explored the theme of “deep sea” using layered visuals and sounds. Sophia live coded using Hydra, a C++ based interpreted programming language that is used to draw geometric objects in two-dimensional hyperbolic space. She imported BBC footage of deep oceanscapes and shark-infested waters to modulate in Hydra, creating an immersive and abstract visual experience. Sophia’s groupmate, Tasmia Anika, used text editors to ‘deep dive’ into webpages, highlighting global climate change issues. The performance’s sounds were provided by groupmate Janelle Algarra, who programmed in Sonic Pi, a Ruby-based live coding environment specialized for audio composition.

Sharks in Suits’ performance spans the first 30 minutes of the following recorded live-stream:

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