A Modern Portrait of the NYC Lesbian Community

Drawing inspiration from Catherine Opie and Donna Gottschalk, this portfolio explores the lesbian experience through snapshots of 4 women’s lives. Each woman, ranging in age from 20 to 74, chose their shooting location and clothing, in order to most closely capture their personality.

Maia, 20

Maia chose to be photographed on a patio in a Hunter College building, where she attends studying criminal justice. Judaism is a huge part of her life, which is featured along with her playful approach to fashion and life in general.

Crystal, 29

Crystal’s photoshoot occurred on the Williamsburg bridge, close to her home. She expressed a feeling of adoration towards the city, but also was feeling left behind as it, and her home neighborhood of Williamsburg, changed around her.

Jen, 45

Despite her history of alcoholism, Jen chose the Stonewall Inn as her location. The bar had been instrumental in her self-acceptance as a lesbian, and Jen wanted to honor its significance in her life. A featured photo highlights her “one month sober” chip

Rosita, 74

A veteran in NYC LGBT advocacy, Rosita was captured in the comfort of her own home. Surrounded by numerous keepsakes of her decades of activism, her warm demeanor and countless stories imbue her photos with passion and history.