STEMnow Social Media Campaign

On July 17th, 2019, NYU Tandon School of Engineering hosted the annual STEMnow Day of Learning, a behind-the-scenes tour of the various K12 STEM activities taking place during the summer on campus. All of the content would be available via social media, with updates posted on NYU Tandon’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As a Social Media Intern, Sophia was tasked with designing the logo and promotional material leading up to the STEMnow Day of Learning, as well as helping to cover the event when it occurred.

Primary Logo Design and Header

The following logo was designed and added to a header with additional identifying graphics: the year of the event, a hashtag to promote the event, and the NYU Tandon logo (not created by Sophia Reck)

Promotional “Fun Facts”

The following graphics were posted on social media channels before the event to promote as well as displayed on screens during the Day of Learning prior to presentations beginning.

Instagram Stories

The following graphics highlight various K-12 summer programs and participant opportunities that were to be featured during the Day of Learning. They were designed specifically for use in Instagram stories, taking into account the 9:16 ratio and 7-second duration for photos.