Tzatziki Logo Design

Sophia developed the logo for a conceptual Mediterranean restaurant named Tzatziki, stylized as tzki. The restaurant’s logo was made to reflect its rustic, yet sophisticated ambiance and menu. Iterations of the design and the process of its finalization are featured below.

Concept Design

Two logo styles were decided upon. The first is a vertical text-based logo, better suited for smaller uses, such as the restaurant’s favicon (browser image). The second is a large, horizontal primary logo for the restaurant’s entranceway. Sophia added placement lines when designing the text-based logo to ensure the letter arrangement was consistent.

Color Palette Selection

Sophia tested out nine possible color palettes, all inspired by earth tones and the rustic nature of the restaurant’s aesthetic. Palettes that consisted only of shades of green were too bright and caused each letter of the logo to blend together. Other palettes appeared too washed-out and did not capture the intensity of Mediterranean cuisine. The palette that balanced visually appealing contrast with the simple, nature-inspired colors was chosen. Each letter is colored distinctly, complimenting the others, but maintaining its own personality.

Olive Branch Orientation

For the large, primary logo four orientations of the olive branch were developed. The implications of the direction as well as the visual appeal were taken into account. The olive branch curling upwards and to the right was chosen, as in most western cultures, moving to the right indicates progress. Additionally, the olive branch extending past the lettering, rather than ending with it, was chosen to further imply forward-thinking ideals and continuous growth.

Final Designs

After the process shown above, the following designs were finalized.